“Finding an editor who can review and assess your work at both the macro and micro levels is difficult at best. Luckily, Tonya Rothe has the ability to see both the big picture in a novel and the small details. She can analyze your structure, pacing, and plot, as well as tell you where you’ve made technical errors in grammar and punctuation. She is quick, efficient, and very objective in her remarks. Whether you are submitting work to publishers and agents or looking to polish something you’ll publish yourself, I recommend Tonya as an editor who can help you present your best possible work.”

-Selena Laurence, Author

I worked with Tonya to design a logo for branding my real estate business. I had a design in mind that she completed beautifully! But, once I actually saw the design I knew it wasn’t right for me. So, Tonya stepped in and used her awesome creative powers to redesign a logo for me that perfectly fits me and how I want to look while still keeping a little bit of the original. She has great communication and turnaround time at a great price!”


-Kendall Hall, Real Estate Agent, and Entrepreneur


“Tonya’s work is professional, intricate, and artfully crafted. I would highly recommend her work to anyone!”

-Bill Lounsbery, Author